Chemical Peel – What You Need to Know

February 2, 2021 , Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is an innovative method used in skin care. It is generally applied to improve the smoothness and the complexion of the face. Most facial skin is usually treated, and minor scarring may be avoided as well. Chemical peels are meant to destroy the uppermost layers of your skin, thus improving the overall appearance.

The main objective of chemical peels, is to make your skin smoother and more even toned. By removing the fine lines and wrinkles, you will get a much smoother face, and a more even complexion. This will also make your skin resistant to sun damage.

There are different types of chemical peels depending on what type of results you want. There are also different methods that are followed for each type of chemical peels. For example, if your goal is to get a softer appearance, you may have a deep peel with a lot of recovery time. If your goal is to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, you may have a light peel with no recovery time. You should discuss these options with your doctor or aesthetician before you go for chemical peels.

There are some potential side effects of chemical peeling. The most common side effects are dryness and irritation. If your skin already has severe dryness and irritation, you may not need a chemical peel. If you have a history of dry skin, you should definitely talk to your dermatologist before undergoing a chemical peel. The side effects are mainly caused by the acids used in the treatment.

However, there is one chemical peel that is recommended for both dry and sensitive skin types. A chemical peel called Glycolic acid is usually recommended for both healing and preventing wrinkles. The good news is that although it can cause some side effects, it does not lead to sun damage or other health risks. It is also great for treating acne scars and age spots.

Some side effects of chemical peels are temporary and are the result of irritation of the area being treated. Other side effects are more serious and could even result in scarring. Sun damage and deep tissue damage could be the result of too much exposure to the sun. Make sure you ask your dermatologist the right questions about the type of chemical peels you want to use and be careful about side effects.